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Duane 'Dog The Bounty Hunter' Chapman's Daughter Shows Off INCREDIBLE Body, In Weirdest Place Ever!!

By Mike Walters

Dog The Bounty Hunter's daughter is showing off her incredibly ripped body, but in a location now normally reserved for snapping hot selfies!!

Duane Chapman's girl, Baby Lyssa, shared a STUNNING photo of herself posing in front of a mirror, wearing a skin-tight sports bra and workout pants. But, it's not the outfit that has people talking, it's where she took the sexy snap!

So, take a hard look at this photo, and you will never believe where she is standing!

Take A Look!

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See The Smoking Hot Photo!


"BABY Trucker Hats are a Mood of Their Own 💫 Get Yours @ #sweatyselfie #notmymirror," Lyssa captioned the photo.

What she failed to mention is she is standing inside of a public restroom near her home in Hawaii. Like we said, not really the normal place to show off your RIPPED abs!

But, it does explain the dirty mirror part!

That's right, this stunning photo in on the inside of a public bathroom -- and as you can imagine, reality show fans are going nuts over how hot Lyssa is, AND how gnarly it must be in that bathroom.

Check This Out!

Now We Are A Little Confused On How To Feel?!


"Get out of there. It’s smell funky there! Have you gone to the park public restroom by Ala Wai in a run?? Smelled so bad in there. 😂" one fan joked.

But, as always, many just commented on how she continues to light up Instagram with smoking hot pictures! "Wow Lyssa! Every pic is hotter than the last 😍😍" one person wrote.

Another added, "Ur sooo gorgeous & sexy. Wish I could have met u long time ago😊"

Plus, a few just took their shot in the comment section...

Baby Lyssa Continues To LIGHT Up Instagram!


"Still gorgeous 💯😍🌺🌺🌺 -- hello sexy!"

Sorry, everyone...she is taken! But, she IS selling some of the outfits she has been posting online, so maybe if sport a few will help with you mirror selfie life!

BTW -- Lyssa has two kids and is able to maintain abs like this, and it has many of her fans jealous! "And after you had 2 kids! 👍🏼" a fan posted.

As we reported, it isn't like she works out all day long either, just a few days ago, BL posted a photo of herself enjoying an ice-cold beer DURING a workout session!

Some people just GOT it!

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