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Duane 'Dog The Bounty Hunter' Chapman's Daughter CRUSHES IG W/ 'Bangin' Body TikTok Video !!'

By Mike Walters

Dog The Bounty Hunter's daughter is lighting up social media with a new TikTok style video created to promote her upcoming labor day sale for her clothing and shoe line, but it's her smoking hot body that has IG going nuts!!

Duane Chapman's girl, Baby Lyssa, shared the video on Instagram where she is jumping into each new pair of shoes and showing off the designs for her company 'Baby' By Lyssa Chapman.

In the video, she is sporting a skimpy pair of shorts a bodysuit, and at one point even shows up in a bathrobe!!

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"@babybylyssachapman ❤️❤️❤️ Labor Day Sale Coming Tomorrow!," she captioned the sexy video.

Almost immediately, the video sparked a huge debate on her IG page, about using her stunning look to sell the merchandise.

"Lyssa I love you and your family. Been huge supporters since season 1 of Dog aired way back when... Sort of saw you grow up some through the show...As beautiful as you are and as hard as you have worked to get where you are... In this particular video clip, if it was meant to be about the shoes, we couldn't see much of the shoes in the clip, but more of your lady region," one fan posted.

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'Won't Lie, I'm Jealous Of That Body!!'


But, 'Dog The Bounty Hunter' fans blasted back, pointing out how smoking hot she is, and how fun and creative the video is too!

"@mslyssac your so beautiful.!! ❤️People saying your trying to hard or your trying to be over the top sexy...... how is that even possible ??? How can you be over the top sexy..... 😂 keep being you sexy lady and love your body," a fan argued.

"Won’t lie I’m 💯 jealous of that body. You look amazing," another admitted.

"Bangin bod!🔥🔥🔥👏👏👏🙌," they added!

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Watch The Stunning Video!!


As for the haters, a few fans had this message for them who are trolling in the comments, "Lyssa there just jealous cause you are a beautiful woman!"

As you know, Lyssa is the owner of a very successful clothing line, and often sports her own products to help promote it. Trust us, most of her fans LOVE when she decides to share some of the sexy snaps on Instagram!

The best part, someone noticed her dog is looking at her in the background trying to figure out what is going on! It is priceless!

Check Out The Stunning Video!!

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