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Duane 'Dog' Chapman Emotional Statement To Late Wife -- I'm Not Afraid To Die

By Mike Walters

Dog The Bounty Hunter isn't one to hide his emotions and let the public know just how much he misses his late wife, Beth Chapman, but today he decided to speak directly to her over social media, telling her he is not afraid to die.

"Dear Beth I went to CHURCH LAST NIGHT I AM NOT AFRAID ANYMORE LOVE YOU!!!!" Dog posted on Instagram, along with a photo of the couple at what looks like a very recent date night.

Dog didn't say what was said while he was at church, or who he spoke with that has put his mind at ease, but it seems he is saying he is now not afraid, knowing he will see his soul mate again in heaven.

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Dog' Family Responds To His Emotional Statement


Duane's children responded to their father's emotional message, with daughter Bonnie saying, "Love you papa," and family member Jaime posting, "I miss her all the time."

Fans are also sending their support to Dog over social media, with one person saying, "Two words I've held onto since her passing...She said you and your entire family would understand the message, "I'm Happy"...I pray it brings you comfort and joy..."

Another added, "That pic is awesome! And that statement is profound. God bless you dog."

Beth Is Looking Down On You From Above...


Many people are reminding Duane that Beth is up there looking down on him and she will always be by his side. One fan put it like this, "The biggest thing to remember.... live your best life as that’s what she’s praying for you from above. Live your Best life and choose how you do it."

"Blessings for you and your family, the test is real and your struggles are real and GOD has blessed you to help people in this time with your love and testimony for God.. Prayers up that you will always feel safe and rested and live in a way that is blessed and cherished by the love of God," one fan wrote.

Dog Chapman: I NEVER Dated Moon Angell


Dog has been in the headline recently over his relationship with longtime assistant Moon Angell. As we reported, Dog is adamant he was NEVER dating Moon and was never serious about getting engaged to anyone at this time.

In a recent interview, Dog made it clear, the only reason he asked Moon to marry him on the Dr. Oz Show was so that she would say "No" and the rumors would stop. Of course, it just made it worse.

In the end, Dog admitted he wouldn't mind having someone in his life, but for now, his heart is still with Beth.

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