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Meet the Crew of 'Dog's Most Wanted'

WGN/Dog's Most Wanted
By Jeff Mazzeo

Catching bad guys is a tough job that requires a lot of help and Dog and Beth assembled some of the best professionals in the bounty hunting business to help track down the bail jumpers.

As "Dog's Most Wanted" is about to make it's big premiere, let's take a look and see who's who in Dog's crew.

Dog and Beth

WGN/Dog's Most Wanted

Duane and Beth Chapman hardly need any introduction but the leader of the crew made international news for the fist time by capturing the Max Factor cosmetics heir Andrew Luster, who fled the the United States during his trial.

Dog and his crew captured Luster but were detained while on their way back to the States. Beth spread the story to the public and news organizations and the charges against Dog and the crew were eventually dismissed.

Shortly after that, the public was ready for the “Dog The Bounty Hunter Show.”

David and Rainy Robinson

WGN/Dog's Most Wanted

David has 23 years experience in the bounty hunting game and has been described as Dog’s right hand.

Rainy has three master’s degrees in various criminal justice subjects. She also gave one of the most moving speeches at Beth’s memorial in Colorado.

Sonny Westbrook and Kaleo Padilla

WGN/Dog's Most Wanted

Sonny is a former pro boxer who started at 8-years-old and went on to compete in four national Golden Glove Championships. He was a bouncer in Hawaii, a boxing coach and of course, Dog and Beth’s security.

Kaleo is also a trained prize fighter who trains with Sonny at the Kona Boxing Club. He acts as Dog and Beth’s security but also spends time speaking to kids about the dangers of substances and alcohol.

“You do not mess with Sonny or Kaleo,” Dog explains.

Leland Chapman

Gettyimages | Angela Weiss

Leland is the 3rd of Dog’s 12 children and started bounty hunting at age 17. He also owns and operates a bail bonds business in Alabama.

He has been described as a master tracker and very tactical.

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