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Dog The Bounty Hunter's Last Hunt Ends With Heartbreaking Hospital Video of Beth Chapman

By Mike Walters

Dog The Bounty Hunter's reality show is about to air the final moments of Beth Chapman's life, it begins with the couple's final hunt and ends with Dog's final moments with his partner and wife.

'Dog's Most Wanted' has been leading up to the moment by sharing clips from the final hunt the couple went on together. It seems to be one of the greatest moments, with Beth even exclaiming to Dog during a high-speed chase, "Oh my god you are amazing!"

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Last Moments...


In heartbreaking moments, the show shares Dog's thoughts on not hunting with Beth any longer, saying, "I'm not going to think about Beth never being there, cause she'll always be there."

I Have No Breath, No Time...


During the hunt, Beth tells the group, as she struggles to catch her breath, "I have no breath, no air, and no time."

It appears show producers were aware of Beth's sickness progressing and conducted several interviews with the families matriarch.

"We're just going to have fun and love each other, and when it ends it ends," Beth said about her final days with Dog.

Dog Says Goodbye


Beth Chapman passed away earlier this year after a long battle with throat cancer.

Dog the Bounty Hunter fought back tears while talking about his wife Beth Chapman's last moments, after he walked outside of his home in Honolulu, hours after her death. Duane "Dog" Chapman walked outside of his home in Honolulu, Hawaii hours after Beth died, and was joined by other family members.

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