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See Dog the Bounty Hunter In Heated Showdown: 'You Gonna Get a Gun, Felon?'

WGN/Dog's Most Wanted
By Jeff Mazzeo

Dog the Bounty Hunter is not messing around when he's looking for a fugitive, and one man who tried to stand in his way learned the hard way about telling the truth.

The Blast obtained a special clip, courtesy of WGN, from Dog's upcoming reality show, "Dog's Most Wanted."

In the footage, Dog is trying to track down a fugitive, and pays one of the man's known associates a visit while trying to locate the bail jumper.

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The guy appeared to be less than genuine with Dog, and the reality star flew off the handle while threatening to let the guy rot in jail the next time he gets picked up.

“When you ever go to jail in your life, I’ll never get you out,” Dog screamed as he pointed his finger at the shirtless Hawaiian.

Dog even lets the man know he disrespected Beth Chapman, who was on the hunt while battling cancer.

“I got my wife out here with cancer! Dog screamed, clearly overcome with emotion.

The man was unfazed by Dog's outrage, and shouted back at the bounty hunter.

“Hey Dog, let’s bounce ... any time you’re ready, Dog," the man goaded.

Shortly after the man’s challenge to Dog, he violently shakes his own wooden awning in a sign of rage.

WGN/Dog's Most Wanted

“We tried to do you right, brah,” Dog told the Hawaiian while refusing to leave the area.

The confrontation went to the next level when the man seemed to be heading into the house to retrieve a weapon.

"What, are you gonna get a gun, felon?!” Dog shouted, clearly not intimidated by the gesture.


"Dog's Most Wanted" premieres on September 4 on WGN and will heavily feature Beth's struggle with cancer.

The reality star passed away on June 26 after a long bout with cancer. She was 51 and was surrounded by her family at the time of her sudden passing.

Dog the Bounty Hunter was front and center during the Colorado memorial service for his late wife, Beth Chapman, as friends shared their memories of the late star.

It went down at the Heritage Christian Center in Aurora, where Beth was eulogized by Shannon Tweed and her co-stars.

Beth's battle with cancer, and her death, will be a focal point of "Dog's Most Wanted."

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