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1. Choosing Cannabis Over Chemo

Duane "Dog The Bounty Hunter" Chapman has been open about the passing of his beloved wife, Beth, this summer, and he recently explained her decision to choose medical cannabis instead of chemotherapy during the final days of her cancer battle.

In the latest episode of Dog's Most Wanted, Beth discussed the positive effects of cannabis on her quality of life after her second diagnosis. Dog also addressed it in an interview with SurvivorNet. While the cannabis didn't cure her cancer, it made her final days more manageable.

"The day that we started the cannabis treatment, [Beth] hadn’t eaten for nine days. The next day, after two doses, she woke up in the morning and said, 'Honey, I’m hungry.' The CBD and the cannabis let her move, let her talk, let her think. It didn’t kill the cancer, but it did lessen the blow."

2. Cannabis Gave Her The Ability To Enjoy Her Life

Beth explained how the cannabis helped her in the latest episode of Dog's Most Wanted, saying:

"I definitely am able to eat if I stay on it, and I can sleep. If I don’t take it, I’m awake."

Beth didn't respond to the chemotherapy, so the cannabis helped her function. She explained that while the treatment may have helped other people, it wasn't the right course of treatment for her.

"Chemotherapy is not my bag, people. Sorry, that’s not for me. So for me, this is the ultimate test of faith. This is my ultimate lesson. And it will either be taught to me or to you. And I am fine with taking the hit for everyone else. Because I think I know another guy who did the same thing."

3. Chemo Wasn't For Her

In his interview, Dog explained that he supported Beth's decision 100%.

"Beth did not respond to chemotherapy. When you ask the doctor, ‘does this chemo work?’ and he says, ‘each person individually responds to it differently,’ that means it don’t work. You can either live a quality life or a miserable life where you live longer."

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