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Dog The Bounty Hunter's Store In Shambles After Burglary: See The Photos

By Gary Trock

Whoever hit Dog the Bounty Hunter's family merchandise store knew what they were looking for, because all of the "high-end" merchandise was targeted.

Sources familiar with the investigation tell The Blast, the burglars made it a point to steal the more expensive clothing and "Dog & Beth" merchandise featured in the store.

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The Blast

We're told the cash register was also emptied, but luckily there was only around $100 in change, as the employees regularly do nightly cash drops.

Along with expensive items, the burglars busted a priceless Chapman family heirloom. A wooden elephant, which belonged to Dog's mother, had always remained in the store, and the burglars snapped off the elephant's trunk ... without even taking it.

The Blast

We're told Dog believes the snapping of the elephant's trunk was a personal slight against the family, and believes the burglary exhibited signs of a highly-emotional crime.

The Edgewater, CO souvenir shop is also connected to a 1-bedroom apartment, and we're told the burglars gained access to the residence by smashing through the front door and unbolting a back door, so that they could remove furniture from the apartment.

The apartment and store was also vandalized during the burglary, and the photos show drawings made on some of the property.

The Blast

Among the items ransacked from the apartment was an expensive stereo and other electronics.

As we reported, a memorial erected in the shop after the passing of Beth Chapman was also targeted by the culprits, and many irreplaceable personal items were looted.

The Blast

According to the dispatch audio, obtained by The Blast, a passerby originally noticed there was damage to the shop and called police to alert them of the suspicious situation.

The Edgewater Police Department is currently investigating the case, but Dog has also gotten involved and offered large cash reward for any information related to the incident.

The Blast

He's also issued a statement to the suspects, who are currently at large, "To who ever did this, you better watch out. Dog is coming for you."

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