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'Bounty Hunter' Star Baby Lyssa Has Fans In Tears With Christmas Message To Late Stepmom Beth Chapman

Gettyimages | Mat Hayward
By Clark Sparky

The holidays have been a very difficult time for the "Dog the Bounty Hunter" family as they continue to mourn the passing the Beth Chapman earlier this year. On Christmas Day, Beth's stepdaughter, Lyssa Chapman, shared a touching message alongside a photo of Beth.

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"Nothing is the same without you. Merry Christmas in Heaven @mrsdog4real, she wrote. "I bet you have the biggest tree ever."

Fans were quick to comment with their own emotional responses.

"What a great lady she was! I was very lucky to get to meet her on Dog’s book signing tour when they came to Muncie, IN! Was a great pleasure getting to meet them both!" one said.

"May the Lord Bless you and your family and give you comfort and peace. You are not alone, you have a lot of people who love you and care about you, most important, the Lord loves you and cares about you and your family. Hope you had a Merry Christmas," another wrote.

One fan replied, "Im so sorry. I know it’s so tough. I lost my daddy when I was 11 and it’s still hard. She’s watching over all of you in your amazing family. She’s proud of you all."

"After my mom passed Christmas never was the same again. Much love to you Lyssa!" another shared.

Duane Chapman talked to Entertainment Tonight last week about keeping Christmas traditions alive without Beth.

"Beth was old style, old-fashioned. So, you know, that means the tree and the presents. All the stockings hung up... so I'm trying to keep that exact tradition," Chapman said. "I've got it all decorated. All the stockings are hung. We always left -- when the kids were young -- cookies for Santa, and I think I'll do that this year also."

"Every little ball that's on the tree, every ornament, you know, there's 20 years plus of ornaments on that tree, so as I hung [them], I remembered where and when we bought each one," he added, saying there was plenty of singing going on in the Chapman households, even if it is a bit melancholy.

"Beth knew every single [Christmas song], and she made us all listen to Christmas songs like two weeks before Christmas," he recalled. "As we decorated the tree, she'd put on Christmas songs. Every night before we went to bed she'd put them on. So I think the girls are taking it the hardest without being able to sing with mom."

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