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Dog Filming 'Hunting God'

Gettyimages | Jason Merritt

Duane "Dog" Chapman is reportedly going to appear in a faith-based film called Hunting God.

Chapman is set to play himself in the supernatural movie, alongside Ann Sonneville (Dig Two Graves), and Mickey O’Sullivan (The Chi), and Wesley Truman Daniel.

The plot sounds like it's right up Dog's alley. The movie is about a widower who decides to shoot a hunting show in the woods with his friends from church. But while all that is happening, he encounters something supernatural that causes him to take a pause and examine his faith.

A New Angle

Gettyimages | Carlos Osorio

Director Justin Jackola says he hopes the movie breaks new ground.

“This isn’t your grandfather’s faith-based film. Our goal is to break the mold and hopefully inspire more fresh and innovative content. We’re thrilled to have Dog on board. He brings a level of understanding and compassion to the film no one else could match.”

'Dog's Most Wanted' Still a Hit

Chapman's newest show about bounty hunters, "Dog's Most Wanted," debuted in September on WGN.

The first season had plenty of footage of Dog and his late wife, Beth Chapman. They shot much of the series while Beth was going through treatment for throat cancer. Beth, 51, died June 26 after a lengthy battle with the disease.

Gettyimages | Christopher Polk

In September, Dog spoke with "Entertainment Tonight" about how he's managing after the loss of his wife.

While filming "Dog's Most Wanted," Dog says Beth was adamant about having her struggle with cancer documented on the show.

"She goes, 'Listen, I'm showing it, Big Daddy.' It wasn't me that wanted to show some of the stuff... Some of the stuff she let them in the room to see, I was completely flabbergasted, and I'd never spoke to her about it because I didn't want to get her upset.

But I would stand back and watch behind the camera, when the camera's pointing, and thinking, 'Dear God, I would not do this.' "

Dog's Having a Rough Time

Gettyimages | Bennett Raglin

Dog spoke about how alone he's been since Beth died, telling Kevin Frazier:

"It's really hard alone, because as soon as you get alone, bam, it hits you. So, I try not to be alone. Sometimes they know I gotta be alone, but it hurts worse or you feel it more when you're all alone."

As Christian Post writes, Chapman has been very devoted to his faith, especially while standing by Beth's side during her treatments.

And the site writes that Chapman continues to seek out God in an effort to find answers.

"Each religion, as I look to God for answers, has a different answer. I am so lonely," he said.

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