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Dog the Bounty Hunter Claims Medical Emergency Was Over 'Broken Heart'

By Gary Trock

Dog the Bounty Hunter has revealed what he thinks caused him to be rushed to the hospital, and believes it all has to do with the psychological trauma of losing his wife.

Duane Chapman sat down with Denver's FOX 31 for the first interview since he was released from the hospital after a possible heart attack.

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Sitting on some stairs with the reporter, Chapman described the attack that sent him to the emergency room, explaining that it was a sharp pain in the middle of his chest, and "I couldn't breathe."

The bounty hunter said the feeling was similar to completing a "4-mile run," and that his assistant rushed him to the hospital ASAP.

As for what caused the pain, Chapman got choked up while revealing he believes it was caused from a "broken heart," due to the death of Beth Chapman.

"I'm going through some psychological things right now," the reality star admitted.


Even though he is in a very sad place, Dog was hopeful, and told the reporter that he believes his heart will heal and he will return better than ever.

Dog also says he will return to the hospital on Friday for more tests, and doctors are still trying to determine exactly what went wrong.

As we reported, while in the hospital, he underwent an angiogram and doctors cleared him from having a full-blown heart attack ... however they could not rule out some sort of heart-related incident.

Since his medical emergency, both fans and family have left messages of love and support in hopes that the Dog will soon be back out in the field hunting down fugitives.

The incident has also been a "wake-up call" for Dog, as he realizes he needs to focus on his health during such a stressful time.

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