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Dog Believed Thrill of Bounty Hunting Helped Beth’s Cancer Treatment in ‘Dog’s Most Wanted’ Teaser

WGN/Dog's Most Wanted
By Jeff Mazzeo

Dog the Bounty Hunter was convinced that the thrill of the hunt was beneficial to Beth Chapman's health while she was battling cancer.

In a teaser clip released ahead of the new WGN America series premiere, Dog tells Beth that he believes her constant involvement with the production was helping her during her cancer treatment.

“I don’t want to be in that vegetated state,” Beth told Dog during an emotional conversation.

She added, “I’m not gonna sleep for 60 days like this regimen recommends.”

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“I’ve seen with my eyes that you are starting to eat,” Dog offered up to his wife. “You have color back in the last 3 or 4 days.”

Dog continued, “I’m thinking with the chemo and this… this is working.”

He was referring to Beth being actively involved with hunting down bail jumpers while filming "Dog's Most Wanted."

WGN/Dog's Most Wanted

Beth eventually stopped chemotherapy altogether and focused on getting the reality show on television, for which she was the driving force behind.

Her health struggle, and the lasting effects it takes on Dog and the crew, looks to be a main narrative for the series.

Beth On The Hunt

WGN/Dog's Most Wanted

"Dog's Most Wanted" will also feature the knowledge Beth is passing down to the younger generation of bounty hunters working on the team.

In one clip, Beth scolds one of her family members, Dakota, for a "rookie move" after the young man jumped onto a moving vehicle as it was being driven by a fleeing suspect.

Beth knew what she was doing ... and she wasn't afraid to tell you why you were doing it wrong.

“Dog’s Most Wanted” premieres Wednesday September, 4 on WGN.

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