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Mother of 10-Year-Old Boy Criminally Charged Over Dodgeball Game Lawyers Up: 'My Son Is Not a Criminal'

By Daniel Goldblatt

Cameishi Lindley, whose 10-year-old son was charged in Michigan with aggravated assault over a school dodgeball game, has hired a lawyer to defend her child against the charges.

Lindley has hired Maurice Davis in an attempt to get the charges against her son Bryce dropped.

"You cannot criminally charge a child for participating in a dodgeball game at a school," Davis said in a statement. "If the school intends to hold this child criminally liable for a dodgeball game, then the prosecutors need to bring charges against all of the teachers and school employees that initiated the game, allowed the children to participate in the game, and supervised them during the game."

He continued, "These charges are ridiculous and we demand that the charges are dropped immediately or we will pursue a civil case for malicious prosecution against the state attorney for charging him and will pursue a civil claim against the school."

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Lindley defended her son, saying, "My son is not a criminal. He was a little boy playing a game of dodgeball at school, a childhood activity that is as American as baseball and apple pie."

She added, "If every child that played a game of dodgeball and threw a dodgeball at another kid was thrown in jail the vast majority of our country would be behind bars. The criminal charge against my son is ridiculous, racist, un-American, and unlawful. The only thing my son is guilty of is being a Black boy."

Lindley and her son are black while the other child in the incident is white.

The incident happened back in April at Ruth Eriksson Elementary in Canton, Michigan. The charge did not come down until last week.

According to WXYZ 7 Action News Detroit, the mother of the child who was hit said that her child suffered from a medical condition that makes head injuries especially dangerous. The child reportedly suffered a black eye, a bruised nose and a concussion as a result of being hit in the head with the dodgeball.

Lindley said her son was suspended from a school for a day and she thought that was the end of it. She said that neither she nor her son were aware of the other child's condition.

Last week, Lindley started a fundraising page on Facebook to help cover her legal expenses. She was hoping to raise $4,000 -- she has, thus far, raised over $13k.

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