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DMX Will Have 6 A.M. Wake-Up Call, Allowed an MP3 Player: His Life in Federal Prison

By TheBlast Staff

DMX won't be taking it easy when he checks into the federal prison system, because he'll be forced to get up at the crack of dawn and get to work ... but at least he'll get all the Atomic Fireballs and Honey Buns he can handle.

Even though X has applied to go to the prison from "Orange is the New Black," the FCI Danbury Inmate Handbook states that Khaki is the provided clothing color. Gray and white clothing may also be purchased.

The handbook says that DMX will be required to get a job shortly after entering the BOP system, and usually starts with a food service, unit orderly or maintenance shop position.

Inmates are required to wake up at 6 A.M. and make their bed. They are also responsible for cleaning their cell on a daily basis, keeping a log and submitting to regular checks by correctional officers.

It's not all work though, the federal prison system offers a ton of activities the "Ruff Ryders' Anthem" rapper will get to pick from: basketball, volleyball, racquetball, soccer, circuit training, aerobics and yoga. There's even a barber shop.

X will also get to participate in many wellness programs offered through the BOP, including nutrition, counseling and drug treatment. As we previously reported, his attorney told us the treatment programs at FCI Danbury was a big reason the rapper applied to serve his one-year sentence at the facility.

With all the activities, DMX is going to get hungry, and luckily he'll have a pretty extensive commissary list to choose from.

  • Microwave popcorn

  • Honey Buns

  • Pizza kits

  • Dove dark chocolate bars

  • Atomic Fireballs

  • Wild Berry FroYo

  • Velveeta cheesy jalapeño tubs

  • Mrs. Dash Caribbean flavor

  • Sardines in tomato sauce

And don't worry, he'll also be able to pickup lots of antacids and Gas-X.

To pass the time in his cell, X will get to do arts & craft projects, as well as keep a radio or MP3 player and a watch.

DMX is really hoping he gets to serve his time in Connecticut so that his family can easily visit, and according to the inmate rules, he's going to have to keep any physical contact "within the bounds of good taste," so conjugal visits are going to be a big no.

But he'll only be in for a year, and if DMX gets his wish to spend it at FCI Danbury, which is a low-security prison, he should be able to handle it relatively well.

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