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Dixie Chicks Singer Natalie Maines Suffers Setback in Child Support Battle with Estranged Husband

By TheBlast Staff

Dixie Chicks singer Natalie Maines' estranged husband shut down the singer's attempt to postpone a decision on her paying support and now the two are set to face off later this month.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Maines and Adrian Pasdar are set for court later this month to determine if the singer has to pay him temporary monthly support.

Maines has been asking to push back the hearing for months, saying she still needed to depose the actor. She wanted to grill him under oath about his finances beforehand.

She wants to "examine Respondent with regard to his expense and income and determine why he apparently has thousands of dollars in discretionary expenses that he claims leaves him without sufficient funds for attorney fees and money to support" their kids.

The judge denied Maines' request and the April 22 hearing will go down as scheduled, where a decision will be made on the temporary support.

Pasdar recently requested Maines pay him $40,076 a month in spousal and $16,427 in child support, for a total of $60,503 a month. He is also asking for $361,494 in retroactive child support and $350k for legal fees.

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He told the court he is heavily in debt and "unable to support himself and his children on his income alone and he has no funds to pay his attorney to continue to litigate this matter."

The actor claims "it is obvious that Petitioner wants to deprive" him of child support "regardless of the negative impact on the children," and to "starve him out" in the litigation.

He claims Maines has offered him pennies on the dollar to address his financial needs and needs the court to step in. Pasdar says the divorce has left him heavily in debt and will continue to fall deeper into debt which will further harm his ability to support his children.

Pasdar has claimed Maines has a net worth of $50 million with $2.6 million in liquid assets and property valued at $4.5 million. Pasdar believes she will make millions more this year when she goes on tour with her solo album.

He says Maines is extremely wealthy, allegedly making around $2 million a year and $172,000 a month.

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