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Halsey Absolutely Crushes Little Mermaid's 'Part Of Your World' In Disney Singalong

By Mike Walters

Halsey just brought Ariel from 'The Little Mermaid' to life, singing the classic hit 'Part Of Your World' during 'Disney's Family Singalong' -- and she absolutely crushed it!! You have to hear how amazing this sounds!

The singer not only participated in the singalong with her exceptional vocals, but she also dressed the part by dying her hair bright red. It is shocking, she looks just like the cartoon character!

Describing it in words does it no justice...this is one of the best singing performances you have heard in a long time.

Check This Out!

See Halsey's Stunning Performance Of 'Part Of Your World'

Halsey took part in 'The Disney Family Singalong: Volume II on ABC as did a few other top celebrity entertainers.

But, Halsey's segment is incredible -- the 25-year old musician went all out for the performance practically making the character come to life during the show.

Fans went NUTS over how smoking hot she looks as Ariel, and how perfect her voice sounded during the song.

"Literally everything. INCLUDING my heart,” one fan posted. Another added, “this was INCREDIBLE. her vocals were outstanding. soooo proud of her.”

You Have To Hear This!

The Singer Looks JUST Like Ariel From The Movie, And Sings Like Her Too!!

A few people were so moved by the performance that they are actually getting emotional. We have to say, if you are young enough to have grown up with this movie, you may shed a tear too!

"Oh my god she sounds so amazing I’m crying! She genuinely sounds like a princess like can she please play Ariel if there’s ever a live-action?? That would be everything! I just love her and I miss her so much 💚🐚" a fan said.

Trust us, It's that good...

Katy Perry Sweetly Sings 'Baby Mine' From Dumbo


Halsey wasn't the only incredible performance during the special, Katy Perry made an appearance belting out 'Baby Mine from the classic Disney hit, 'Dumbo.'

The singer, who is expecting her first child with Orlando Bloom, sang the beautiful tune while wearing an elephant costume and holding her tiny dog, Nugget. (Nugget was also sporting a baby elephant costume!]

In Perry's segment, while she sang the lyrics "You are so precious to me/Cute as can be/Baby of mine," she swayed little Nugget back and forth in her arms.

ABC's 'Disney Family Singalong' was created to raise money for Feeding America, a charity organization collecting resources to help provide assistant to those affected by the Coronavirus.

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