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More Mandalorian Please

Gettyimages | Daniel Boczarski
By J. Atkin

If you're at all tuned in to the entertainment world you are aware that Disney Plus, Disney's new streaming platform, premiered in the United States yesterday. Most of the news surrounding the newest part of the House of Mouse has been about the glitches and problems many users encountered while trying to access the plethora of content for the first time. It seems even Disney was not as prepared as they should have been for the user demand. While many still wait for all issues and bugs to subside, Disney's content has gotten far more praise than the platform's user-friendliness.

The much-discussed "Star Wars" live-action series, "The Mandalorian" was one of the new, and most well-received, of the platform's original content. Created by famed "Iron Man" director, Jon Favreau, and written by Lucasfilm staple, Dave Filoni, there were some very high hopes attached to this program from the beginning, and boy did it all pay off. The idea of a live-action Star Wars television series, that could even come close to matching the magic of the films has been a dream since long before Disney owned Lucasfilm. Well, mission accomplished. Not only does the show look great, but its pacing, its world building, its characters, all also offer us something new while remaining achingly and beautifully recognizable to those already immersed in the Star Wars universe.

While some of the services other most anticipated titles won't launch until the beginning of 2020 (we're looking at you "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier") a few have already introduced their pilot episodes to the enormous Disney Plus viewing audience. Shows that premiered yesterday at launch, along with "The Mandalorian" include High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, The World According to Jeff Goldblum, Encore!, Marvel's New Hero Project, The Imagineering Story, and Pixar in Real Life. Like traditional cable networks (and unlike competitor Netflix) Disney Plus will be offering its new episodes weekly, and one at a time, rather than as a complete series ready to binge. This means schedule once again matters, and here's how to keep track.

Disney has decided, even with its many bugs and overwhelming options, to keep its new programs simple. The key here, wait for Friday. All of the original programs, the incredible Mandalorian included, will offer up new episodes on Fridays so viewers can start every weekend from here until the end of the season on a high note.

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