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Disney+ is Officially Live!

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By C Tresser

The latest streaming app is here

Hours before its slated launch, Disney+ went live. This platform brings Disney, Pixar, Star Wars and The Marvel Cinematic Universe together in one epic streaming service and will be a force to reckon with. That is if they can manage their technical issues. Around 7:00 am EST Twitter users started mentioning problems accessing the service and some of its features. By 9:30 am EST, already notes 7259 problem reports. One Twitter user posted a picture of his error message.

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Launching this service has been a massive undertaking. Disney's CEO Bob Iger described the process as a sprint. "It's not only the company's No. 1 priority but one of the biggest missions we have taken on, certainly during my venture. We really didn't begin in earnest until the summer of 2017, when we made the decision to go into the direct-to-consumer business."

Disney's head of Direct-to-Consumer unit Kevin Mayer said, "We made a major pivot with the company. We think vertically integrating into that part of the value chain where we’re a retailer provides us with the best long-term growth and value for shareholders. We made a very careful assessment of that. … This is the choice we’ve made.”

If ever a company had a robust library to work with and take a gamble on in this space, it would be Disney.


While Disney's entire library will not be available on the platform there is endless content available, suitable for all ages.

Some of the highlights include the much anticipated The Mandalorian, LucasFilm's new Star Wars live-action series. Episodes will be dropped weekly on Fridays. Speaking of Star Wars all their classic original films are also available on Disney+. As well as Disney's animated movie classics. The first three Toy Story movies are on there in lieu of the fourth dropping, as well as James Cameron's Avatar. Series include Gravity Falls, Willow, The Simpsons and the X-Men animated series from the 90s. Avengers: Endgame will later be released on the service as well as all subsequent sequels (same goes for Avatar's).


The streamer is also actively producing content. It recently announced a Hocus Pocus sequel, a docu-series by Lebron James, a High School Musical reboot (which dropped today), an updated Lizzie McGuire series and many more. Also dropping on Disney Plus is a live-action Lady and the Tramp.

If interested in becoming a Disney+ subscriber, please visit Subscriptions start at an affordable $6.99 a month. There are additional options to bundle the service with other subscriptions at slightly higher monthly costs.

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