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Moseying Along,Watching the New Disney+

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Disney's new streaming service, the aptly named Disney+, just launched today in the United States, Canada and the Netherlands.

Many people are enjoying watching "Steamboat Willie," one of the first cartoons that features Mickey Mouse. Others are getting nostalgic by watching "Gargoyles."

But then there are others who are staring at a blank screen.

Some Viewers Stuck With Technical Difficulties

According to, there were nearly 7,500 reports of service issues in those countries.

According to, video-streaming issues were plaguing 64 percent of Disney+ viewers, while 35 percent of viewers couldn't even log on.


So of course people took to social media to air their complaints. According to one new customer, they've been gifted with an error screen.

“Was so excited for this today. Signed up 4 days ago. The menu finally loads but can’t watch any shows. Just says error. My internet speeds are really high too so it’s not on my end.”

It's the Wheel Of Death

Giphy | Jess Mac

Another viewer complained of the infamous "wheel of death," that rainbow circle that just turns and turns and does nothing else while you sit there in agony.

“Logged in and created profiles just fine from PC. But when I go to view, for example, Star Wars items, I get past the first screen, and when I want to actually click on a show/series to view more info/play, it just gives me the wheel of death.

I was able to play Avatar (movie) as a test. I then tried to view series and I got a 'Sorry something went wrong. Try again later.' error message.”


Yet another viewer said they had some success watching Disney+, but couldn't get some services.

“On Android tablet. Home screen and some features not working, but if I select a title from Search, it will still start streaming.

Maybe it was an overload issue?

“I can get in on my iPhone but the Log In link on the website won't even work. It's brand new and probably can't handle the traffic. It worked fine at 2 am however.”


Last week, Disney's chairman of Disney's direct-to-consumer streaming business Kevin Mayer addressed any future technical difficulties. At that time, Mayer said things were going great.

“The Netherlands was a great test. We wanted to have a sufficient number of users so that we could see how the app performed, what technology glitches might exist."

And Mayer admitted that nothing's perfect.

“And by the way, there are always technology glitches. And you can always improve the technical performance of any service like this and we’ll continue to do so. We haven’t solved everything by any means.”

No, they haven't solved everything, but you would think people would at least be able to watch "Gargoyles" when they want.

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