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Dina Lohan's Internet Boyfriend Claims Breakup Started a War With Lindsay

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By Whitney Vasquez

Dina Lohan is fighting with Lindsay following an interview the "Mean Girls" star gave that forced her Internet boyfriend to dump her, and it's all coming to a head this AM, this according to Jesse Nadler.

Nadler tells The Blast, Dina and Lindsay had a "major blow up" Thursday morning that ended with LiLo hanging up on her mom during a three-way call with Nadler.

"It really got nasty between Mom and Daughter," Nadler says. "Lindsay kept hanging up when Dina yelled at her."

As The Blast reported, Nadler called it quits with Dina this week after Lindsay gave a radio interview where she came off "dismissive and cold" when asked about her mom's relationship.

"I'm disappointed that Lindsay wasn't 1000% clear on how her mom felt about me," Nadler tells us. "Lindsay won't accept it."

He told us he broke up with Dina because he couldn't be with someone whose children weren't "1000% supportive."

"I feel Lindsay Lohan only accepts what Lindsay Lohan wants to accept," Nadler adds. "I just wish Lindsay would accept her mother's decisions about our relationship and just see how it unfolds naturally."

Nadler emphasizes, "I have nothing against Lindsay Lohan except she said something hurtful about my relationship with her mom."

Lindsay's not the only Lohan not onboard with Dina's former lover. Her ex, Michael Lohan, says LiLo never accepted Nadler because she wants her parents to get back together.

"She hates him for the games he plays with Dina and the way he loves the media," Michael says, adding, "Lindsay DOES want us back together."

As far as his personal thoughts on Nadler, Michael tells us, "I think he's a phoney and he's getting nervous that he will be called out on his BS."

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Michael's been very vocal about his concerns regarding Dina and Jesse's relationship, telling The Blast in February, he had known about the mystery man for quite some time, and said Dina used to complain that he was a "stalker."

"How she thinks he's a boyfriend is beyond me, but hey, stranger things have happened with Dina," Michael told us, adding, "I just hope she's not putting herself in a dangerous position with this guy."

Michael also admitted that, "It strikes me weird that after 5 years they haven't met given he said he's so wealthy."

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