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Diddy Lost His Pinky Ring During Ellen DeGeneres' Epic 60th Birthday Bash

By TheBlast Staff

Diddy danced a little too hard at Ellen DeGeneres' 60th birthday bash -- so hard, that he lost his ring.

Kristen Bell was on "Ellen" Wednesday and recapped the event, revealing that the epic dance party completely shut down once Diddy's pinky ring went flying off his finger.

According to the "Frozen" actress, guests, which included Jennifer Aniston, Melissa McCarthy, JLo and more, were breaking it down but had to trade in their dancing shoes for their cell phone flashlights to help the rapper look for his jewelry.

"It was dramatic for about three minutes. We thought he lost his ring!" Kristen said of the incident.

Ellen was completely shocked at the news, saying she didn't even realize this whole thing happened. Don't worry though, Kristen says Diddy's friend eventually located the ring.

Oh, and that's not the only insight Kristen gave us into Ellen's party ... just listen to how she describes her booty slapping dance off with JLo!


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