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Kids Suffering With Childhood Cancer Call On Diddy To 'Dance' With Them To Fight Disease

By Mike Walters

The famous childhood cancer charity FAM has used P-Diddy's 'Bad Boys For Life' track for its theme song for its entire existence, and now a group of kids suffering from the disease are asking him to dance with them to the track to ring in the new year.

FAM (Fighting All Monsters) has been fighting against childhood cancer for over a year now and it's founder, Milk Tyson, continues to try and collect to help give to families and help dealing with the terrible disease.

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Diddy ... Dance With Us!


So, on the last day of their first year, they have called on P-Diddy to dance with the kids into the new year. According to Tyson, "FAM has used Bad Boys for Life as our theme song since day 1, and all the families have got accustomed to the song. Why is Bad Boy for Life our theme song?"

He continued, "Bad Boy For Life is our song because every day we meet these health challenges with a determination that says no matter what happens to us “we ain’t goin’ nowhere...we are here for life!”

The group believes Diddy has emerged from so many challenges in his life recently, and continues to smile, and dance. "Puff is our spirit animal because he “can’t stop, won’t stop!” Puffy puts family first, and has the reach and aggressiveness to give childhood cancer a bigger stage." Tyson says.

See The Heartbreaking Video...


Now, a group of the kids and families suffering from the illness filmed multiple videos of themselves dancing to the hit song...and it is awesome.

In the video, you can see that some of the patients are even busting a move right there in the hospital! Many of the children are holding up signs asking the rapper to join in with them and dance to the beat. Snoop Dogg even joined in on the action!

Check Out The Video....HERE!

Tyson and the FAM crew are hoping that maybe even The Ellen DeGeneres Show would host the group, including Diddy, and have a dance party during one of her shows. (The FAM moms love Ellen!)

Celebrities Help To Raise Money For Childhood Cancer


"Childhood Cancer is MAJORLY UNDERFUNDED and people don't want to face it, they don't want to see sick kids. We need someone loud, confident, and who never takes no for an answer to bring the kids to the main stage!" Tyson said.

The public has stepped up big time to support the organization, it announced on Christmas that thanks to a generous sponsor, all of it's operating costs were covered and 100% of the money raised ($600,000) went directly to the kids.

FAM has enlisted the help of celebrities like James Corden, Julianne Hough, and Travis Barker to spread the word about childhood cancer. BTW...Barker played drums in the original video for the song!

Check out the video, it will remind you of what we should really be thankful for this new year!

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