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News Alert: Vaccines Keep You Healthy


It's a known fact that vaccines save lives. A healthy person who gets a flu vaccine not only keeps him or herself safe, it helps prevent others with immunocompromised systems from getting sick.

Derick Dillard recently revealed that he and the family get vaccines, and some are shocked, quite frankly.

Look To Derick Dillard For the Answers

Dillard posted a picture of himself on his Instagram page with a little Band-Aid over the spot where he got a flu shot:

"Got my flu shot for the season! Go out and get yours if you haven’t yet, and try to stay healthy this year 😀 #flu #flushot #health #arkansas," he wrote.

Glad To Hear It

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A fan spoke out at the news, saying “Y’all vaccinate? I’m kinda shocked.”

Dillard confirmed that the family is protecting their kids in the safest way possible.

“Yes, we vaccinate. I actually had to get about 12 extra ones in my early 20s when I moved to Asia. Our boys just got more shots at their last appointment a couple months ago too.”

We Can Assure You It's Not 'Pure Poison'

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Other people, who are not so sure that vaccination is the way to go, questioned Duggar's decision.

“God already gave you the immunity to fight the flu," said one.

“Please do your research. They’re pure poison," said another.

Someone else had some important questions for Duggar:

“Are you aware that DNA from aborted babies are in the vaccines? How can that not go against your conscience when you stand against abortion, but use a product where cells from aborted babies are being used?”

It should be noted that there is no DNA from aborted babies in vaccines.

It's good to hear that the Dillards/Duggars are protecting their kids from things like chicken pox and measles, because that stuff can be deadly for some. Keep it up!

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