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The Duggars Have Always Had Lots Of Mouths To Feed

Gettyimages | D Dipasupil

Jill Duggar's husband, Derick Dillard, says he has a new job, and while some are giving him flack about it, others are applauding him for working to support his family any way he can.

The fact that the family has been having car trouble lately is further proof he needed to make a little bit extra.

Working the Night Shift

Dillard posted a picture of him on his Instagram page in his Grub Hub uniform, writing "This is how I get date ideas!"

Grub Hub is a food delivery service that's all the rage right now.

Dillard Also Going Through Law School

Gettyimages | D Dipasupil

Dillard is working the job to make some extra dough while he's in law school.

But of course, when anyone has something good to celebrate, someone has to ruin it. Some were taking note of the fact that he's working for a food-delivery service, which isn't known for its high salary rates.

It's a Perfectly Respectable Job, So Lay Off

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"Hard to comprehend why a certified accountant is delivering [pizza]. Grub Hub drivers don't make much," said one person.

Dillard defended himself, reminding people that he's going to school, and a flexible work schedule is what he needs right now.

"It’s easier to schedule when I might only have an hour or two available at a time during law school," he wrote.

Another fan complimented him on his work choice: "Make that coin! Good for you, working hard and teaching your boys that no job is below anyone as long as you have your honesty and integrity. Bless you and your family!"

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