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Derek Fisher Fighting for Kids On Thanksgiving, Wants Holiday Custody Plan Served

By TheBlast Staff

Derek Fisher claims he's getting the short end of the stick on spending holidays with the two children he has with ex-wife Candace Fisher, and wants an official holiday agreement hashed out so he can ensure he gets his kids on Thanksgiving.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Derek requested that the court set an official Holiday Parenting Plan for him after he claims his ex-wife "reneged at the last minute" on Halloween when he was supposed to get his 11-year-old twins, Tatum and Drew.

Derek and Candace married in 2005 and divorced in 2016.

He claims that the lack of a holiday parenting plan is creating uneccesary conflict, especially during Christmas. Derek says Candace refuses to alternate custody on Christmas, which forces Derek to stay in Los Angeles close to the family.

The former NBA star says, "I should not be forced to spend the holiday in Los Angeles ... We are both in new relationships, living in new homes, and celebrating new traditions."

He also says Candace scheduled a Disney Cruise earlier this year at the same time he was going to take the kids to basketball camp, and believes she did it maliciously.

It's unclear if Derek was able to get the holiday plan locked in before Thanksgiving.

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