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Denise Richards Thanks Husband Aaron Phypers For The 'Great Care' After Emergency Hernia Surgery

By Jeff Mazzeo

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Denise Richards gushed about how her husband, Aaron Phypers supported her and took care of her when she went through emergency surgery for 4 hernias. She shared a few pictures that featured the actress in a hospital gown and her post-surgery scars.

"My hubby posted this & I need to actually thank him for taking such great care of me," Denise explained. "This was a couple months ago & turned out to be a good lesson for me to always listen to my body."

She Admits Her Mistake


Richards chastised herself for not taking action sooner and admitted that she thought the pain she was experiencing "would just go away."

"Being a mom, wife, & having a career sometimes it’s easier to just be strong and power through," she said before expressing her gratitude for the medical professionals who took care of her.

The working mom regretted not letting her Aaron know she was suffering even though he was there to deal with the aftermath.

"I actually had 2 femoral & 2 inguinal. And I waited way too long & didn’t even tell my husband how bad I was feeling (I know it was stupid) ... gotta always listen to our bodies & take care of ourselves."

Aaron's Loving Tribute To Denise


Aaron was actually the first person to post the revealing photos to social media and gave a heartwarming shoutout to his better half.

"To the most incredible woman my soulmate. I am always in awe of your Beauty perseverance, dedication in all you do. These photos taken a couple of months ago from an emergency procedure femoral hernia not one but four!"

He continued his message and shared that he waited by her side for six hours during and after surgery. The doting husband ended his message with some encouraging words.

"Love you baby everyday getting stronger!"

What's Lisa Rinna's Deal?


In a strange twist of events, Denise's "RHOBH" co-star Lisa Rinna found herself wrapped up in controversy after fans of the franchise accused her of being a fake friend because of her comments on Richards' post. There are rumors that there is tension between castmates because Denise has but the show on the backburner.

"Denise are you ok? You never showed up to Dorit’s Sat night we were all so worried about you," Rinna wrote. "What happened?! You said you were coming, you were meeting Garcelle, We never heard from you. What happened ?"

Lisa is a fan favorite but that did not stop the devoted fans from slamming the star for her response.

"Seriously??? The shade! You can pick up the phone and call her if she's your real friend," one fan wrote. "Maybe she doesn't want to talk to a fake friend," replied another.

It sounds like a pretty interesting storyline to us.

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