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How Were These Parents Raised?


Demi Moore's parents were very laid-back parents, it seems.

They were so laid back that they apparently let Demi take out the family car when she was 12.

On 'Inside Out' Book Tour

Moore revealed the news while on "The Late Late Show With James Corden" on Wednesday night. Moore has been on a book tour for her new memoir, "Inside Out," and making headlines along the way.

Her Parents Had Their Own Growing Up To Do


She says one reason they were so chill was because of their age.

"I had very young parents. Part of their lack of quality of decision-making — they would let me take the car, with friends in the car. The rule was that I had to say that I took the car without permission. They saw that as a win-win for everyone.”

Even When She Got In Trouble, She Didn't Get In Trouble

Giphy | Ash vs Evil Dead

And even when she got in trouble for the illegal activity, everything was okay.

“It happened. I did get stopped and said exactly what I was supposed to. My mother showed up, playing her part beautifully.”

Who wouldn't want these parents?

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