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Will Ferrell Reveals Demi Lovato's Joining 'Eurovision' Cast With Sweet Surprise!

By Whitney Vasquez

Will Ferrell revealed Demi Lovato is joining the cast of his latest project and surprised her during the first day of filming with a delicious treat!

To the delight of fans, the 52-year-old actor announced Lovato's newest career venture on Tuesday while presenting what he claimed was a homemade cake on her 27th birthday.

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Holding up the beautiful dessert, Ferrell stated he was on the set of his new movie, "Eurovision," and wanted to make "a very special announcement about a brand new cast member and it just happens to be her birthday today."

As the birthday song began to play in the background, the comedian continued, "I made her this wonderful cake from scratch. So, happy birthday. Yay!"

That's when he pretended to smash it, but Lovato was later seen blowing out the candles while on set.

Lovato shared the hilarious video on social media with a caption that was equaly as funny.

"y’all, Will Ferrell made me a cake...from scratch," she wrote. "It looks completely professional and store bought so I’m not at all suspicious that he baked it himself in all of his free time."


Fans are losing it over Lovato's return to acting, but two very special people in her life might be the most excited.

The singer's mom, Dianna De La Garza, and her little sister, Madison De La Garza, fangirled out over Will Ferrell.

"OMIGOD Elf mads you a cake!!!!" Dianna wrote. "I love him!!" Madison was a little more subtle and commented, "AHHHHHHHHH."

Gettyimages | Ari Perilstein

"Eurovision" follows two aspiring Icelandic musicians -- played by Ferrell and Rachel McAdams -- who are given the once-of-a-lifetime opportunity to represent their country in the annual singing completion.

Lovato will star alongside the stars and others including Pierce Brosnan, Dan Stevens and Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson.

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