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Demi Lovato CRUSHES The Super Bowl National Anthem -- "It Was Excellent!"

By Mike Walters

Demi Lovato just stepped onto the field at Super Bowl LIV and absolutely crushed the national anthem -- and everyone can agree there couldn't have been any better way to start the football game.

On Sunday night, the "Anyone" singer appeared on the 50-yard-line in an all-white pants looking stunning.

The singer started the song by closing her eyes and then she belted out one of the best versions of the National Anthem in a long time!

You have to hear it...

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Gettyimages | Tom Pennington

As you you know she has a beautiful voice, to begin with...but this was a big moment for the pop star. She has been through a lot in the last few tough years, but the bottom line is Demi is BACK!

Social media agrees and tons of people are tweeting just how well she just nailed the song.

One aggressive fan wanted everyone to know just how good it was...saying, "Lovato ATE that f***ing s***. that note, bitch. SHE HIT THE NOTE WITH EASE. i’m so happy she’s back. her voice was missed."

Gettyimages | Tom Pennington

Another fan added, "Demi Lovato won the super bowl. Everyone can go home now!"

The great part is this game is the National Championship in the NFL, but one fan used a baseball term to describe the stellar performance, "Demi knocked it out of the park singing our national 🇺🇸 anthem."

A few people were brought to tears while listening to her sing, "Literally cried just now watching Demi Lovato sing the National Anthem," a tweet read.

Many of the singer's fans were so excited and satisfied with listening to her perform they started making the joke that there is no reason to even watch the game!

Gettyimages | Tom Pennington

"Well, I don’t need to watch the rest of #SuperBowlLIV because Demi Lovato just gave me all the life singing the National Anthem," said a tweet.

Lovato predicted she may be on this national stage over 10 years ago, saying, "One day, I’m gonna sing the national anthem at a super bowl. Onnnee dayyy….” she tweeted on February 7, 2010.

After arriving in Miami ahead of the big game she wrote, “I’m here in Miami! Ready for the Super Bowl!!... “Let’s do this!!"

Demi you just did it!

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