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Demi Lovato Is Coming Back

Demi Lovato has announced that she'll sing the national anthem at Super Bowl LIV on Feb. 2, and it's just good to hear that she's making a comeback after being away for so long.

Headed To Miami

Lovato wrote on her Instagram page today: “Singing the National Anthem at #SBLIV. See you in Miami.”

The halftime show will be headlined by Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.

Lovato also announced earlier this week that she would perform at this year's Grammy Awards, which will be held Jan. 26.

According to @dlcharts, Lovato joins solo singers Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, Cher and Kelly Clarkson who have performed at the Super Bowl.

It should be noted that Gladys Knight sang "The Star-Spangled Banner" at last year's Super Bowl.

Her First New Interview Was Just Last November

Just last November at the Teen Vogue Summit, Lovato had her first interview since her 2018 overdose, when she said:

“What I see in the mirror [is] someone that’s overcome a lot. I’ve been through a lot and I genuinely see a fighter. I don’t see a championship winner, but I see a fighter and someone who is going to continue to fight no matter what is thrown in their way.”

Fans are here for this new reinvention of Demi Lovato.

@YonceDemtria wrote: "the way scooter is gonna rebrand the name DEMI LOVATO and give her everything she deserves and always deserved this year I’m collapsing."

'Please Focus On That'


“I wouldn’t change the direction of my life for anything,” she said in November.

"What a lot of people don't realize is that I'm actually an extremely sensitive person ... I'm so tired of pretending like I'm not human. That's one thing that I won't do anymore..... I would never regret anything. I love the person that I am today.”

Lovato also wants fans to focus on the big picture.

"Genuinely I just want people to remember that I'm a singer. I think that a lot of the things I've been through kind of outshined my successes in the music industry or acting now. I just want people to remember that that's what I want to give to the world so please focus on that and not the other things."

Lovato's June 2018 single, "Sober," directly addressed her struggles with addiction.

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