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Demi Lovato's Fans Are Worried About Her Sobriety

By Whitney Vasquez

Lovatics are worried that Demi Lovato has fallen off the bandwagon after she went Instagram official with her new boyfriend, Austin Wilson. The "Sorry Not Sorry" singer shocked fans when she shared the first snap introducing her main squeeze on social media Tuesday night. Posting a mirror selfie showing Wilson kissing her cheek, Lovato captioned the sweet photo, "My ❤️..." Wilson also shared a pic with his arms around the singer on a different night. "My Love🥰" he captioned his post. While some fans are leaving supportive comments about how happy they are Lovato's found love, others are sharing their concern about her sobriety.

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Is There Reason For Concern?


Several fans filled up her post with worrying comments stating that the singer has or will soon slip off the bandwagon. Lovato's been sober for over a year following a near-fatal overdose during the summer of 2018. "You already know she’s going back to drugs after dating this guy," one person wrote. "She's one of my faves cause I thought she was better than this... hope he's a good guy and doesn't make her career go on downward spiral..." another added. "They say your first year of sobriety no relationship because you need to focus on yo self! Hopefully it doesn't affect that your doing do great!!!!" a concerned fan commented.

Others are targeting his sobriety and are worried he's a bad influence on Demi Lovato. "I would agree with you but he’s not in recovery he relapsed and he drinks alcohol still even around Demi. There were a few stories last week where he was drinking beer at her house," replied someone. "Okay if he is in recovery there’s a higher chance if he fail he will take her down with him even if he don’t want to it’s like someone drowning," stated another.

Positive Vibes!

Giphy | Demi Lovato

But not all Lovatics are being naysayers. Some of Demi Lovato's fans are staying positive for the singer and voicing support for her new relationship. "Y'all need to believe that Demi is in a place where she can take proper care of herself. And maybe dont judge a book by its cover 🤷🏼‍♀‍ plenty of people out there got tattoos with no relation to drugs. I hope you're happy, Demi!" stated one fan. "Yeeeeessss. I know plenty of really put together looking people who sure aren't sober and plenty of people with tattoos and creative appearances who are. So much judgmental assumption happening," wrote another.

Who is Austin Wilson?


Lovato's new stud is a Los Angeles based model whose dad is famous pro-skater George Wilson. He's credited as a pioneer of skateboarding and a member of the Z-Boys. Austin Wilson is younger than his singing girlfriend. He's 25 while Demi Lovato turned 27 years old in August. He's a creative soul and besides adding tattoos to his appearance, he also changes up his look by dyeing his hair different shades, much like Lovato. Right now, his choice is bright pink! It's unclear how they initially met, but they have a mutual friend. Wilson and Lovato are both linked to Thomas Trussell III, who tragically passed away in October. At the time, Demi Lovato shared his death on social media and alluded that he overdosed. She even got a tattoo in her late friend's honor.

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