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Demi Lovato Got A Fallen Angel Tattoo To Symbol Her 'Spiritual Awakening' Ahead Of Super Bowl

Getty / Instagram
By Whitney Vasquez

Demi Lovato has added another meaningful tattoo to her collection. Showing off the fresh ink on Instagram Tuesday, the 27-year-old singer revealed the symbolic fallen angel located on her upper back and told fans that she got it during her social media hiatus ahead of singing the National Anthem at this year's Super Bowl in Miami, Florida. In a lengthy caption, Demi Lovato said getting tattooed by bicoastal artist Alessandro Capozzi was an "experience I’ve never had before," revealing she didn't even have a tattoo in mind when she met with him.

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The Design:


Explaining that she told Alessandro all about her life and where her mindset was at the moment helped them come up with the extremely meaningful tattoo design. The tattoo includes an angel that's no longer flying but is being held up by three doves. Her black wings seem to be dissolving. "I recently went dark on social media in preparation for my Grammy and Super Bowl performances but while I was off socials I got this incredibly meaningful tattoo done by @alessandro_capozzi," she captioned the photo. "We created a combination on [sic] images that best symbolized the spiritual awakening I was having," the singer said.

The Meaning Behind It:


"Having a fallen angel being lifted by 3, pure, angelic doves (the Holy trinity) as her inner light is being guided by a higher consciousness," Demi Lovato explained. As for those angel wings, the singer said, "The disintegration of her dark wings was representing the darkness I was shedding," a clear nod to moving past her 2018 near-death overdose. Calling the tattoo artist "extremely talented" and thanking her manager Scooter Braun for introducing them, Demi Lovato joked, " the only bummer is I can’t physically see this amazing artwork because it’s on my back!"

She's Covered In Tattoos:


Adding an afterthought, Demi Lovato ended her lengthy post by writing, "I still can’t believe how life like this looks and it healed amazing as well." This is one of the many tattoos that the young star has gotten since recovering from her relapse over a year ago. She recently debuted a neck tattoo reading, "Survivor." Months before that, Demi Lovato got a "Me" tattoo on her finger to remind herself that "can't love anyone unless you love yourself first." Alessandro first debuted Demi Lovato's angel tattoo back in December and explained the meaning of it in his own works, but hearing it from the singer means a whole lot more.

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