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The $107 Million Judgment Over 'Death Row Records' That Bankrupted Suge Knight Was Just Voided

By Mike Walters

A $107 million judgment against Marion "Suge" Knight and Death Row Records, which was awarded back in 2005, has been voided by a judge.

In a shocking turn of events, a judge just voided the massive payout after a woman named Lydia Harris filed a motion in the case citing issues with the legality of how her lawyers actually won the massive case against Suge Knight and Death Row.

Harris, along with her husband, helped bankroll Death Row when the West Coast record label was first launching.

Gettyimages | Jim Smeal

Harris' attorney, Dermot Givens, explained that the motion to void the judgment contained allegations that her attorneys, the bankruptcy trustee, and even judges "conspired to use her to wrongfully obtain the judgment that ultimately ruined Suge Knight and bankrupted Death Row Records."

In the documents, obtained by The Blast, Harris shows she filed for bankruptcy before filing the lawsuit against Death Row and Knight. The issue with this fact, is that it would give her no legal standing to sue anyone. Any legal cause would have to go through the trustee of the bankruptcy.

At the time, she claims her lawyers convinced her to lie about the bankruptcy, so they were able to collect the monumental judgment.


Lydia's legal team claim she was "duped" by the group to ignore the bankruptcy and told to proceed against Death Row.

Suge Knight and Harris are in direct communication, have compared notes, and realize they are now on the same side.

Givens says the two are in private settlement conversations, but Harris has not received "one dime" from her lawyers who collected part of the huge payout.

Gettyimages | Chad Buchanan

Harris and her legal team are now calling for an investigation into what she calls "one of the largest scandals in California's legal community."

Givens says complaints will be sent to the California State Bar and the FBI.

We're told Suge is aware of the monumental moment and will be making a statement from prison on the subject.

The lawyers who represented Harris have filed legal documents to have the decision reconsidered. They claim in their filing they did not tell Harris to lie about anything during the case.


The $107 million judgment came after Lydia Harris and her then-husband Michael “Harry O” Harris sued Knight and Death Row claiming they are the ones who provided the $1.5 million seed money to start the label.

Harry O, a cocaine kingpin doing 28 years for conspiracy to commit murder and drug trafficking, also had an impressive and diverse track record as a legitimate businessman.

Unable to pay the $107 Million, Death Row and Knight filed for bankruptcy in April 2006. Later that year, a federal judge ordered a bankruptcy trustee takeover of Death Row Records, resulting in a fire sale of the record label and all of its property.

Gettyimages | Frederick M. Brown

In the end, Death Row Records, including music by Tupac Shakur, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg was auctioned off for $24 million.

Suge Knight is serving over 20 years in state prison for killing a man after running him over in a parking lot in Compton.

Harris, her legal team, and Suge's representatives are holding a press conference on Monday to announce the legal victory and give details into the complaints filed with law enforcement.

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