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Cast Of 'Days Of Our Lives' Was Released From Their Contract

Gettyimages | Michael Tullberg
By Emily Reily

'DOOL' Cast Let Go From Contract

The entire cast of the NBC longtime running soap opera "Days Of Our Lives" has been let go from their contracts.

Producers have apparently let go all of its series regulars, and the show is set to go on "indefinite hiatus" starting toward the end of November.

TVLine reported on the news.

This cannot be good for Salem. What is going on?

"Wait wtf is going on at Days of Our Lives? Did all the actors seriously get released from their contracts? This doesn't sound good," said one person on social media.

What About This 'New Direction'


The show just recently announced a new direction for the show -- a time jump one year into the future.

Ken Corday, "Days Of Our Lives" executive producer, just talked with "TV Insider" about the new twist.

"This is a great way to reset things in Salem. It will be a catalyst for many more [changes] to follow," Corday said.

The time jump was set to begin yesterday. Deidre Hall, who has appeared as Dr. Marlena Evans since her start in 1976, sounded excited about the news.

"It'll shake things up. It will remind people of things that used to be going on [in Salem]." Dr. Evans has been on and off with her longtime Beau, John Black (Drake Hogestyn), since forever.

Hall also says the new storyline will "reunite our fans. People will call their friends: 'Did you see what happened?'"

How could they do such a thing to John and Marlena, and everyone else?

Gettyimages | Tibrina Hobson

But sources also say that since the show has already filmed months of new episodes, that fans may watch the soap through summer of 2020. The show just recently celebrated its 54th season, according to "TV Insider." It's one of network TV's longest-running soap operas.

"DOOL" fans are speculating what the next steps might be.

"I think things are going to go 1 of 2 ways. 1) The show will be renewed for a short 3 month run w/all cast members to properly finish up the show. 2) The show will be renewed w/an extended run but many of the veterans will not return," said one.

Either way sounds terrible.

Drama At Its Peak


Another unnamed source says it comes down to business.

“It’s actually a shrewd — if cynical — business move. If Days gets picked up, [Corday] can offer the actors new contracts at a reduced rate and with a ‘take-it-or-leave’ it attitude. Worst case scenario, they lose half their cast. Best-case scenario [for Corday], everyone agrees to return at a lower salary.”

But why would the cast want to stick around to see whether the show gets picked up again? It seems likely, since there is such a solid fan base, but TV is always changing and evolving. Maybe the climate really has changed in daytime soaps.

According to another source: “All indications are that NBC would like to keep the show going.”

Stay tuned to this horrifying new cliffhanger.

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