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Yes He Killed Nugget

David Eason, Jenelle Evans' husband, has confirmed that he killed their dog Nugget, finally putting to rest the "did he or didn't he" controversy that's been following the family.

On the Defensive

In an interview with People, the host asks Eason directly whether he killed Nugget, the family dog.

"Well it wasn't really about, 'did you kill the dog,' " Eason began, and defends himself, saying that the dog was putting their daughter at risk because it was aggressive.

"It was not something that I wanted to do," he says. Well surprise -- he didn't actually have to.

Answers For Everything

"When a dog bites a child on the face more than one time, then it should never be around the child again," adding that if the dog was put up for adoption, it could be around kids again.

In that case, he says, according to the law, the dog has to be euthanized.

Fair enough, but where does it say that the owner of the dog is responsible for euthanizing it? Why wouldn't you bring the dog to the local pound and have them determine what to do?

Eason has an answer for that too.

"I'm not gonna pay anyone to euthanize my dog when I can do it myself," he says, confirming that he'd rather do it inhumanely because he wants to save a few bucks. Got it.

Eason Still Upset

Eason does continue to say that the whole incident continues to bother him.

"It upsets me," Eason said.

"I love the dog. I still think about her every day," he said in the interview, adding, "This was something that nobody wants to ever have to do," he says.

Parents Working It Out

"He does realize that what he did was wrong," Evans says, and added that the two received co-parenting counseling.

She says Eason also completed an anger-management course. Evans and Eason seems to have moved on, but it's probably not the end of the discussion.

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