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'Dance Moms' Star Abby Lee Miller Takes First Steps in Public After Being Wheelchair Bound

By Whitney Vasquez

Abby Lee Miller in making huge leaps in her recovery.

The "Dance Moms" star took her first steps in public on "The Doctors" Tuesday.

She got emotional while trying to find the confidence to get up and take the strides with the help of a walker.

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The reality TV boss got an overwhelming applause by the live studio audience when she stood up.

Tears filled her eyes as she tried to keep her emotions in check.


Abby took a few steps while supporting her weight on the walker, and was seen smiling from ear to ear with the success.

It's been a long road for the famous dance coach after going through spinal surgery last year following her diagnosis with Burkitt lymphoma.

She's been bound to a wheelchair since April 2018.


The doctors were there giving fans an update on her condition and made her feel comfortable enough to attempt the brave move.

“We’re in a position where her spine is stable so that’s an important part of recovery,” Miller’s oncologist, Lawrence Piro, said.

“That’s really good news. Secondly, the surgery happened very quickly, so the time of pressure on the spinal chord and the nerves was as minimized as possible. And every evidence is that she should be able to recover. But I think that the most important ingredient in her recovery, and what is going to determine her possibility for the future, is her own ability to work at rehab. Three weeks ago we replaced her knee so that would stop being an impediment to standing, bearing weight and walking.”

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