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Abby Lee Miller's Apology For Racial Comments SHUT DOWN By Former 'Dance Mom'

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By Whitney Vasquez

Abby Lee Miller can take her apology and shove it, according to the former "Dance Mom" who is accusing her of being "racist." One day after the Lifetime star issued a public apology following being called out for her past behavior, Adriana Smith took to her Instagram to reject the gesture claiming it's not "sincere." Reposting the note that Abby Lee Miller shared, Smith wrote, "❌❌⁉️‼️🗣At this time, I do not accept Abby’s apology because her apology was not sincere."

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Apology Not Accepted:


Smith also revealed that one reason she doesn't accept the 53-year-old's apology is that she and her daughter, Kamryn, have yet to hear from the dance coach directly. "Moreover, she didn’t even bother to tag me or Kamryn in her post. How else would we know she apologized? My friends and peers informed me of the apology. How sincere could it be?! What happened to a phone call or at least a personal direct message?" Adriana Smith continued.

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Read Adriana's Rejection:


Revealing that she exposed Abby Lee Miller's past behavior in order to prevent it from happening to her other dancers, Smith said, "My purpose with my original post was to share my story and how it negatively impacted my daughter and it resonated with many others because of the distressing times in our country. At this point, this is bigger than Kamryn and I. It’s about the potential effect that she has on the future of dance and negative, stereotypical influences on young, aspiring dancers of color."

Abby Lee Miller's Apology:


Claiming that Abby Lee Miller exposed her daughter to her "FIRST account of racism," and calling out the other "Dance Moms" who she says was also a victim of racism by the reality star, Smith ended her statement, "So, no, I don’t accept her apology. I also fully support and standby Nia, Camryn and Nicaya as well as any others who have been victims of racism at the hands of Abby Lee Miller or in the industry."

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Her Racial Comments:


Earlier this week, Smith posted an explosive social media post accusing Abby Lee Miller of being a racist. "A statement from her that sticks in my mind to this day during my time on DMS8 is, ‘I know you grew up in the HOOD with only a box of 8 crayons, but I grew up in the country club with a box of 64 — don't be stupid.'" That wasn't the only time that Abby Lee Miller reportedly spewed racial comments at her daughter either.

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