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Dan Bilzerian Unloads On Abandoned Car With A Giant Machine Gun!

By Jeff Mazzeo

Dan Bilzerian likes his guns big and his shorts small!

The most interesting man on Instagram combined his two favorite things by emptying a full clip from a huge machine gun into an abandoned sedan on Friday while wearing short shorts. Dan shared several videos to his Instagram story and to be fair, they brought the car there for the purpose of blowing it to smithereens. It went down in a controlled environment to ensure everyone's safety (by controlled environment we mean at a random spot in the desert).

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Shooting Out The Airbag


Before Bilzerian brought out the big guns, he made sure that the airbag was there... he did this by blasting the steering wheel with a shotgun.

"You got earplugs on? I'm gonna fix your airbag situation," Dan said before unloading on the steering column.

When Bilzerian's version of a safety check was done, his buddy took off in the sedan and parked it a ways off in the distance. It was the last joyride the little car would ever make.

Spraying The Car


Calm and confident, Dan held the massive machine gun and aimed it at the ride. Dirt and scraps of metal could be seen flying all around the four-door vehicle as he emptied the clip. He was wearing safety gear to dampen the gunfire noise but stood strong and didn't flinch while operating the instrument of war. More and more shell casings shot out of the gun and piled up by his feet. We are not gun experts by any means but it appeared that he had pretty good aim, especially when he showed off the aftermath.

Looks Like Swiss Cheese


Big surprise, the car was destroyed! "Do you think it's drivable," Dan said laughing as his friend got behind what was left of the wheel. From what we could tell, that car is only going one place after the day's events... the scrapyard. Bilzerian paned his camera alongside the vehicle to show off the substantial damage. The car was filled with holes and looked like it belonged in the background of a wartorn neighborhood. His insurance policy must be through the roof. Now back to smoking with smoking hot chicks!

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