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Dan Bilzerian Loses Hundreds Of Thousands On UFC Fight, He's So Rich It Didn't Faze Him

By Mike Walters

Dan Bilzerian is known for gambling large amounts of money on sporting events and poker, but he is so rich, losing hundreds of thousands of dollars on the UFC fight in 40 seconds didn't faze him one bit!

The 'Ignite' boss shared a photo of himself inside a Las Vegas casino laying down a bet on 'Cowboy' Cerrone which looks like it could be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash.

"Puttin some pocket change on @cowboycerrone who y’all got?" Dan captioned the photo. In one video, from inside the cage, it appears the amount Dan bet on the fight could actually been near a MILLION dollars.

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That's A Boat Load Of Cash!


But, in a few hours, his bet went up in smoke after Conor McGregor knocked Cerrone out in just 40 seconds! "Please don’t tell me he put all that cash on him only to be beaten in 40 seconds," one person posted on his Instagram.

He did....and Instagram went nuts over the bet and quick loss sending Bilzerian messages about taking the wrong guy in the fight. "dam u got whapped quick son lol," one person wrote.

"Hahahahaha bye bye racks," another fan posted. "damnn think about how ol Dan is feeling rn."

Doesn't Faze Him One Bit!


People could not believe losing that much much so quickly, "Imagine losing all that in 40 seconds," a commenter pointed out.

So how does Dan B. fell about losing so much on the fight? He commented on his own post, "Haha s***, @thenotoriousmma keeps backing it up, much respect."

So in other words, I am so rich, losing this money doesn't matter to me one bit! Let us remind you...Dan Bilzerian's net worth is $200 Million. Yes, he will still be able to afford the mortgage, and our guess he is crying about his loss in a pile of money with a bunch of hot girls!

Doesn't Faze Him At All...


A fan of the weed mogul on social media actually had a theory that this picture was him moving the betting line...just to put the money on Mcgregor.

"Post a pic of 100k cash saying you are betting on cowboy to get people to load up and move the ML so you can actually load up on Mcgregor and win big......Genius," the person wrote. If that is the case, it's even cooler!

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