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Dan Bilzerian Is Ready For Coronavirus, Fires His MASSIVE Machine Gun -- See The Insane Video!

By Mike Walters

Dan Bilzerian is not taking any chances with the Coronavirus, and instead of stockpiling toilet paper and hand sanitizer, the most interesting man on Instagram has loaded up on machine gun ammunition and wants you to know he is ready to use it!!

Bilzerian posted an insane video on Instagram of himself aboard an Army vehicle, which he owns, showing him loading and firing a massive machine gun which is mounted on the top.

His point...he is READY for anything that comes with Coronavirus and he wants us to know it!

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Locked And Loaded!


"Exciting Times," the 'Ignite' owner captioned the video.

You have to see him fire this massive weapon, it is crazy! In the clip, Dan appears to be locking and loading the gun and then he begins to fire! It is so strong it kicks Dan back a bit where he is standing.

Bilzerian is decked out in full military fatigues and appears to be somewhere in the desert outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. As we reported, the casinos are closed so there is not much else going on in Vegas.

Watch This Massive Thing Fire!


Fans of DB love it and are taking to the comments to let him know, with one saying, "Taking down the virus with brute force I see!"

One person said jokingly, "That’s cool and all but how much toilet paper you got?" -- "Preparation in excess, I’d expect nothing less.!

A few people are questioning the decision, saying, "Does coronavirus wear bulletproof vest? Just wondering." But, others are aware that we may just need the big guy's help...asking him to "Please protect us all 🙏🙌"

Bottom line: He is ready for a zombie apocalypse.

Dan Is Ready For Anything Comes Our Way!


This isn't the first time in the last few weeks that Bilzerian has shown off some of his firepower.

DB recently shared a video of himself lighting up an abandoned car and blowing it to smithereens.

"You got earplugs on? I'm gonna fix your airbag situation," Dan said in the video, before blowing the car apart.

Of course, the car was destroyed and he said, "Do you think it's drivable," he said joking as he showed off the damage.

Again, no matter how you feel about machine guns, at this point in time we feel like Dan Bilzerian is a good person to have on our team.

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