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Everybody Wore Lingerie For Dan Bilzerian's Halloween Costume Party And It's Awesome

By Jeff Mazzeo

It's Halloween time in Los Angeles and that means two things: many women are all stripping down for their costumes and they are probably going to Dan Bilzerian's annual Halloween Party.

The Instagram playboy hosted the giant party at his mansion in Bel Air Thursday night and the costume theme seemed to be tiny lingerie with one or two accessories. Pretty sure that was the same theme from last year and it's still awesome.

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Bilzerian oped out of dressing up and he wore his traditional white T and short shorts. However, the models for Ignite, his Marijuana company, did not disappoint.

Ignite Models


There were devils, angels, and bears, oh my!

One lovely lady dressed up as Poison Ivy from DC Comics while another dressed up as Maleficent, the Mistress of Evil, but her costume was a lot more revealing than Angelina Jolie's outfit in the Disney movie.

Welcome To The Party


French Montana joined Dan at the party and DJ Alesso hit turntables to entertain the crowd.

Pro-skater Nyjah Huston attended the raging party for the second year in a row and captured a snap of a bikini-clad woman on stilts that greeted guests as they arrived.

Dude's In Costumes


The guys at the party had fun dressing up too but most of them had costumes that covered them up.

UFC legend Chuck Liddell dressed up as a convict and some buff dude looked like Hulk Hogan's twin.

Dan sure knows how to Ignite a party.

Last year's party was epic, this year's party was epic... going to be hard to top them next year.

Standing Tall


Dan had a woman on stilts greeting his guests as they arrive.

It's Really Hot In Los Angeles

It makes sense to have costumes that breath because the temperature was in the mid-80s.

Good Guest Ratio


Looks like everyone had a good time.

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