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Dabbing Granny Celebrates 8 Crazy Nights of Hanukkah by Ripping Menorah Bong

By Gary Trock

You don't have to celebrate Christmas to get lit up like a tree, especially if your Hanukkah menorah doubles as the ultimate bong! Internet sensation Gail Olson is known as the Dabbing Granny for regularly showcasing videos of herself smoking, vaping or taking dabs of cannabis-related products on her Instagram page, where she's amassed a following of over a million people.

To celebrate the holiday season, Dabbing Granny showed off a new glass bong she received that is fashioned to resemble a Hanukkah menorah.


"Merry Christmas misfits," Granny said while decked out in all sorts of holiday gear. Adam Sandler's classic "The Hanukkah Song" starts playing as the internet star leans over to kick off the celebration.

Granny had all eight of the bowls in her menorah bong packed tight with festive flowers, and even though it was only the third night of the Jewish holiday, she ripped into all eight at once. Granny hits the menorah bong with the strength of the entire Maccabees behind her.

The Menorah Bong

GRAV glass makes the menorah bong, which retails for $399.99.

They went the extra mile to really make the piece special, as described on their site:

"If you're into non-traditional traditions, the GRAV® Menorah will really spin your dreidel. This water pipe features eight 10mm GRAV® single-pinch bowls that all feed one big bubbler chamber. A hefty angled mouthpiece allows you to take on the whole chamber at once, and a sturdy glass foot allows you to display this piece to its full advantage during your own festival of lights. Hanukkah's about the miracle of oil lasting for 8 nights, but will you last for all 8 bowls? There's only one way to find out. The Menorah has limited holiday availability, so get it while you can!"

About Dabbing Granny


Dabbing Granny lives in Colorado Springs on a military base with her husband, who is a veteran. She reportedly runs a thrift store, as well as working with sponsors and partners as a cannabis influencer. Granny initially rose to fame after one of her party tricks went viral. She is known for being able to smoke from a bong, take a shot, do a dab, then chug a pint of beer before letting out the smoke from the initial bong hit.

She even performed the party trick recently for the fans as a holiday treat. Good thing there's lots of latkes and chocolate around during Hanukkah!

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