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Criss Angel Shares Heartbreaking Video Explaining Leukemia To His 5-Year-Old Son

By Mike Walters

Criss Angel has announced his 5-year-old son's cancer has returned and the famed magician has shared a heartbreaking video of family and a hospital worker explaining Leukemia to him.

Angel announced this week his young son's cancer had relapsed, and he was about to begin the newest rounds of treatment.

In the video, it appears his son Johnny Crisstopher, is sitting on a hospital bed playing with toys that look like the cancer cells he is fighting.

The Heartbreaking Video


"I'm angry this happened to you again, that is not fair...darn that Leukemia cell," a woman says in the room.

She continued, "We have powerful medicines to are going to help fight and get them out of your body." While explaining what the childhood cancer cells do to the body, the woman explains, "he pushes all these healthy cells out so they can't do their job."

Johnny then asks the group, "what is this one?" The adults explain to him, "that is the leukemia cell, he is not healthy looking is he?

In the video, Angel then heartbreakingly tells his son, "he's a bad guy...we have to kill him" about the cancer cell.

Disneyland Trip Before Starting Treatment


“Johnny Crisstopher — he got diagnosed with pediatric cancer before he was 2 years old — he’s been in treatment for over three years, he’s been in remission,” Angel said to cameras when arriving at LAX.

He continued, “But, unfortunately...he had a relapse and he’s going back into the hospital on Monday.”

Angel explained he had arrived in LA to have some fun with his kids and enjoy a few theme parks before returning to the hospital.

“That’s why we’re partly out here in California because we are taking Johnny to Disney[land], I’m taking him to Universal [Studios] tomorrow,” he said.

The Original Cancer Diagnosis


Johnny Crisstopher was diagnosed at 2 years old with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

After receiving treatment for the disease, the boy's mother Shaunyl Benson, shared on social media her son was finally cancer-free.

“Our little Superman had his port taken out today,” she captioned a video of him at the hospital. “After almost 4 years, he’s finally free. the surgery went great and he is recovering well! We are so proud of you Johnny Crisstopher.”

Criss Angel has vowed to help raise money to combat childhood cancer, telling cameras, “We’re going to try to raise $5 million in one night at Planet Hollywood. I’m going to give details about the event that will happen next year, so I’ll definitely get back to you.”

Fans Send Messages Of Support


The magician's fans sent tons of messages of support to him and his family after the announcement.

"Sending all my love & prayers to you guys❤️ he will come out of this stronger than before...It's not fair at all," one person commented.

A few also offered prayers for the family, "Praying all will be ok again xx Please God bless and look after this beautiful family." another added, "Praying for ALL of you...Johnnys a tough cookie...he'll kick cancers ass once again..."

It is clear, young Johnny has a battle ahead of him and fans are letting him know to be brave, "You guys are strong 💪 you’ll get through this. Prayers up for you...Sending love, thoughts & hope for you all, especially to your brave, amazing Johnny for his fight ahead," a fan wrote.

I think we can agree with this Angel fan, "We are all with you, Johnny Crisstopher! We are sending lots of prayers for you and your family."

You've got this, JC!

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