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'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Star Rachel Bloom's $500,000 Court Battle Turns Nasty, Accused of Negligence

By Ryan Naumann

Actress Rachel Bloom is being accused of negligence in the nasty legal battle over her $1.3 million Los Angeles home.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Bloom is suing real estate investor Raul Menjivar and company The Run Group. She accuses the defendants of selling her a shotty property and hiding various defects.

In newly filed documents, Menjivar and The Run Group are denying all allegations of wrongdoing.

They argue Bloom filed the lawsuit past the statute of limitations for her claims. Further, Because of the "Plaintiffs’ misconduct, bad faith, or fraudulent conduct in connection with the events which are subject of this lawsuit, Plaintiffs come to this court with unclean hands.”

The defendants claim they fulfilled their contractual obligations. They accuse Bloom of being negligent in her own actions. They are demanding the entire lawsuit be thrown out of court.

Back in October, Bloom and her husband Daniel Gregor filed the fraud lawsuit against The Run Group and real estate investor, Raul Menjivar.

The actress purchased a $1.3 million Los Angeles home in late 2015. She claims to have been an unsuspecting first-time homebuyer.

She “fell prey to their fraudulent scheme, only to discover years later serious defects in their property which were deliberately concealed from them. Through this action, Plaintiffs seek to be compensated for, among other things, the amounts required to repair the subject property and correct the defects that were concealed by Defendants, as well as for punitive damages against Defendants in an amount sufficient to deter them from committing such acts against future homebuyers.”

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Bloom claims the defendants hid numerous problems with the property during the sale. Bloom says she will have to spent $500,000 to fix a variety of issues.

She claims renovation work done to the home was “rushed and improperly phased, without providing sufficient time for the improvements to settle before moving on to the next phase,” which caused cracking and chipping.

Bloom attempted to mediate the issues with the defendants but they refused. Her lawsuit is seeking in excess of $500,000 in damages plus unspecified punitive damages. Bloom also wants her legal bills covered.

The suit read, “The discovery of this concealed defect caused Plaintiffs to investigate further, the results of which revealed other numerous substantial concealed defects in the Property. For example, in the Property’s basement, significant cracking recently appeared on a load bearing wall separating the Family Room and Bar (as the rooms are labeled on the plans submitted by The RUN Group II, LLC to the Planning Department). Further investigation showed that, during its renovation work, The RUN Group II, LLC had removed large portion of this load bearing wall that completely compromised the structural integrity of the wall (and the Property itself), which resulted in a shear compression failure of the wall and the substantial cracking.”

Bloom isn't the only one with home issues.

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