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Celebrities Roast Donald Trump's Message To Not Fear Deadly Virus

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By Emily Reily

On Monday night, President Donald Trump returned to the White House after battling COVID-19. Though he clearly seemed out of breath at some points, and though he's likely still contagious, he made it a point to remove his mask so everyone could see. 

The move to leave Walter Reed Medical Center early drew mostly negative reactions from the press as well as celebrities, some of whom suggest that maybe Trump never had coronavirus in the first place. 

We'll likely never know, but people are slamming the president for what they are calling reckless behavior.

'Tell That To The Dead'

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Actress Bette Midler has been an outspoken critic of Trump, and her takedowns of the president's decision to downplay a deadly virus have been memorable to say the least.

Midler referenced Trump's tweet that he's feeling great, even though he was just hospitalized on Friday.

"The sick #IdiotInChief just tweeted that 'I never felt better in 20 years. Don’t be afraid of getting COVID!' TELL THAT TO THE DEAD!" Midler wrote in all caps.

Getting A Steroid Treatment Is Nothing To Brag About

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Midler also took aim at his treatment. He's already received an experimental cocktail and the steroid dexamethasone, which suggests a more dangerous stage of COVID than what he and his Administration are letting on:

"Must be pumped up from steroids & getting medications no one else in the world can get. He shoulda said '#ImHighAsAKite' #Base, go get Covid!" the actress said.

She also called him a "jacka--" and insinuated he's "destroying my country on purpose."

Captain America Is The Sane One Here

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COVID has killed more than 200,000 people in this country, so it's not something to just brush off. 

Here's what Marvel actor Chris Evans says about Trump's decision to leave the hospital and tell people not to worry about COVID anymore. 

"Don’t be afraid of Covid?! You’ve been under round-the-clock care by the best doctors using the best drugs," Evans tweeted, adding:

"Do you really think everyone has access to that?! Sadly, I’m sure you’re aware of that disparity, you just don’t care. This is reckless to a shocking degree, even for you."

It's Still A Free Country — Speak Your Mind


Celebrities continued to throw Trump's words back at him, amplifying what most of us are thinking about this pandemic we can't crawl our way out of. 

"'Don’t be afraid of Covid' he dares say to those of us who have lost loved ones to Covid. This man is evil," said Ava Duvernay

Zach Braff's friend, Nick Cordero, died from complications from COVID. Braff had some words for the president too. 

""You don’t have covid for the weekend. He either has it and doesn’t give a f--k who gets it from him, or he never had it."

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