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Mom-Shamers Go After 'Counting On' Star Joy-Anna Dugger After She Let Her Son Lick His Plate

By Clark Sparky

"Counting On" star Joy-Anna Duggar is having to deal with trolls after she posted two photos of her son last week on Instagram. There are two photos, one of him sitting in front of a clean plate and another of him liking the plate, that apparently upset some followers.

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"He got his love of food from me! #everylastbite #itwassalad #foodlover #GideonMartynForsyth," she captioned the post.

"Please DONT let him be a 'plate licker!' It’s a deplorable habit as an adult!! Go ahead everyone send me the hate messages, but you know it’s true!! Gideon is so cute but habits are hard to break (aka uncle Joe)," one person commented. One person replied, "I agree."

"It is very bad manners to do so! For Gideon, he’s a baby yet so it’s not only expected, but forgivable. I was merely saying I Hope joy & Austin teach him better. If you feel there is nothing wrong with it, then I’m happy you are not one of my dinner guests! Good Night!" another wrote.

"I agree. Licking your plate is the height of bad manners. I have never licked my plate, nor has anyone at my dinner table!! That being said, I read it as a compliment that he finished his plate, and it looked so clean, he must have licked it. He is young enough, that he can and will learn that licking your plate is bad manners, therefore you don't do it, anywhere!!" another person said in agreement.

Fans were quick to come to Duggar's defense, though. "My son licked his plate. It was only allowed at home though. Imagine my horror when he grew up and didn't do it anymore," one joked.

"He is a baby lol. It is ridiculous to stop him from doing something normal. Kids grow out of it," another said.

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