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1. The Next Generation of Duggars

The Duggar family made their mark on reality television with the TLC show Nineteen Kids And Counting, and some of their children have gone on to forge their own televised journey. Jessa Duggar, her husband Ben Seewald, and their three children (Spurgeon, Henry, and Ivy) star in Counting On, which is all about their lives.

2. The Reality Of Henry

In the latest episode of Counting On, Jessa opened up about the speech issues that her middle child, Henry, is facing. When he was 18 months old, "he wasn’t communicating like his older brother [Spurgeon] did at that age, or like other kids his age."

3. Getting Him The Help He Needs

Jessa explained that while most kids his age are staring to communicate with words, Henry just grunts and points. This worried Jess and Ben.

"I feel like especially as a mom, it’s easier for me to kind of stress out, like, ‘Oh no, he’s delayed. What’s wrong with him?’ And Ben is a little more level-headed, like, ‘It’ll be okay, we’ll figure it out.'"

4. Seeing A Speech Pathologist

They took Ben to an ENT specialist and revealed that he had a "really bad tongue-tie” that doctors clipped at birth and wasn't suffering from any hearing loss. Between the ages of 2 and 3 is a crucial time for speech development, so Duggar and Seewald will be taking Ben to a speech pathologist so he gets the help that he needs to thrive.

Check out new episodes of Counting On Tuesday nights on TLC.

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