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'Bioscarf' To Start Producing Scarf's In U.S. With Built In Air Filtration System, To Combat Coronavirus

By Mike Walters

A company known for its innovative virus protecting scarf is moving its operations from China to the United States and are start a mass-production it's 'Bioscarf' to help combat the Coronavirus outbreak.

The 'Bioscarf' is designed to help protect users from viruses and other airborne contaminants while wearing a normal looking and comfortable scarf.

The company who produces the scarfs, G95 Inc, has announced it is "bringing its manufacturing operations back to the United States, due to the increasing spread of the Coronavirus."

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According to the company, this move will make "G95 the first US company to move operations from China as a result of the rapidly spreading disease."

So how can it help? -- Well, the Bioscarf, the first scarf "with built-in filtration technology to help protect users from bacteria, viruses, air pollution, allergens, smoke, PM2.5 and other airborne contaminants that can be a health hazard."

In other words, it can be worn out to the grocery store, the doctor, or anywhere else you are going, during the quarantine, where you might wear a mask.

The Bioscarf Looks Like A Regular Scarf You Would Wear....


The design and production of the mask was the brainchild of husband and wife team, Carlton Solle and Hazel Solle, the original Bioscarf quickly became an overnight sensation. Though Carlton and Hazel were pleased with the success of the Bioscarf, the couple realized at this point in time, they can use their design to help people during the pandemic.

“Air pollution is affecting millions of people every day, and now with the Coronavirus, people are more aware than ever,” Carlton Solle said in a statement.

He continued, “Traditional apparel and apparel accessories weren't designed to protect you from stuff like this. That’s why we created G95.”

“We are a small company so when we started, China made the most sense,” says Hazel Solle. Adding, “Now, we not only have inventory held up because of the virus, but we also have customers concerned about where their product is coming from, and if it will be safe to use.”

Company Moving Operations To U.S To Start Production...


The good news for the U.S based buyer of the production, “About three weeks ago, we started looking at what it would look like to manufacture our products within the United States. Our clients are concerned about Chinese products, which is a concern we think is valid, as there’s still so much we don’t know about the virus," Carlton said.

So, the company has now partnered with Ladder 34, which manufactures its handmade products in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The greatest part is, Ladder 34 is owned and operated by firefighters for firefighters, and repurposes old fire hoses and turns them into belts, bags, flags, and all sorts of other products.

“We love what Lance and Ladder 34 are doing for the environment and for firefighters,” says Carlton. “We feel like they are the ultimate company for us to partner with and bring our manufacturing operations back to the US. Our first products to be manufactured in the US will be our Cold Weather Bioscarf and our Cold Weather Biogaiter.”

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