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Corey Feldman Shows Up to Court and Gets Longterm Protection Against Member of 'Wolfpack'

By TheBlast Staff


10/26/18 2:00 PM PT: Corey Feldman's temporary restraining order against Suzi Rostek, one of the five people the actor claimed had been harassing him, was dismissed without prejudice after Feldman failed to show up to court.

Corey Feldman took matters into his own hands when he personally showed up to make sure he's protected from an alleged group of people hellbent on bringing down the actor.

"The Lost Boys" star appeared in court Friday morning in Van Nuys and claimed a group of people are operating as a "cult" to bring him down. As we reported, Feldman has described the online harassment he's received, as well as threats on his life.

He believes the group is out to ruin him for trying to expose the sexual abuse in Hollywood. He's also holding the late Corey Haim's mother as responsible for leading the charge against him. For the record, Judy Haim said she had no part in anything against Feldman.

In court, the actor said, "I have had two attempts on my life in the recent past, after I have tried to expose child pedophilia and the rape of my best friend." He says he's since hired full time security to prevent another attempt.

The other side did not show up to argue, and the judge agreed that Feldman has been a victim of harassment. So far, a longterm order was put into effect against one of the people Feldman targeted, Margot Lane. The orders against the other members have not been heard yet, but should yield the same results.

The Blast spoke with Feldman and his celebrity powerhouse attorney Perry Wander after the court victory where the actor described the hell he's been through, as well as his upcoming documentary.

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