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Corey Feldman Has Finally Finished Making His Sexual Abuse Documentary

By TheBlast Staff

Corey Feldman is giving a long needed update about his documentary into exposing sexual abuse in Hollywood, and after a year of waiting while dealing with crowdfunding issues, it's finally coming to fruition.

Feldman released a video Wednesday to announce he had wrapped up production on the film that he began after the first allegations against Harvey Weinstein surfaced. At the time, Feldman alleged the existence of a "pedophile ring" that he claims preyed on young children in Hollywood, including himself when he was a child actor.

Broadcasting from "an undisclosed location," Feldman says despite fearing for his safety throughout the process, his fans rallied together and raised roughly $300,000 of his $10 million (later reduced to $1 million) funding goal for a full-length feature film wherein he would name the abusers.

Feldman says things went south after Corey Haim's mother, Judy, claimed his campaign was for attention. Corey believed she was spearheading an effort to silence him and, as a result, he says people pulled their donations, made threats on his life and "the word spread that maybe this was something people couldn't feel good about." In that time, the actor was also subjected to an arrest and a stabbing – both of which he maintains were connected to the sabotage of his movie campaign.

The "Dream a Little Dream" star said the drama created legal problems and restraining orders, and that due to unforeseen costs, he drained nearly all of the $300,000 he had raised.

Fortunately, the actor had a backup plan. He booked a reality television gig and self-funded the now-completed documentary.

It's unclear when the finished product will drop.

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